Freecycle the easy way

lynxup is a simple way of finding free stuff in your area, and a great way to get rid of old stuff you no longer need. It works a lot like freecycle, but does not use the closed groups. It has a simple facebook login and is designed to use mobile devices specifically. This makes it incredibly easy to post from your phone.

It uses your location to find stuff near you.
If you want to add an item to give away click the button at the top to quickly and easily log in.
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I built this because whilst I love the idea of freecycling I hate the bulletin board system.

The programmer in me saw this as an opportunity to put together something that simply works in an easier way.

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The Rules

  • All items are free : You cannot charge for any items you post on here. You may charge postage if you are posting an item.
  • Items expire a fortnight after posting : To keep the list up to date you will have to renew an item if it has not moved in that time.
  • Be Nice : Please treat other users with respect and kindness.

Need to know more

If you want more information and contact details for the site owner please see our information page.